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Snap Out of It!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The first super moon of 2021, “The Pink Moon,” appeared in all its magnificence last night. My first attempt to find it was unsuccessful, as it was not visible from my house. My daughter and I took the car for a little spin to a higher elevation, in search of it. We easily spotted it as we crested a nearby hill. The shape and brilliance were so incredibly divine, I imagined God perched on the horizon, admiring His work. To me, the moon resembled an enormous bass drum, keeping a silent rhythm, beckoning us to surrender our burdens and embrace the stillness.

I went to bed feeling inspired. To be honest, my original post for today was going to be about finding our “happy place.” I had already written a preliminary version. I thought it was quite brilliant, but after what transpired this morning, it would have been a crock of you know what, coming from me.

The warm fuzzies surrounding the shared experience of admiring the super moon with my daughter quickly disappeared. She had an appointment with a new ophthalmologist first thing in the morning. This meant she could not stick to her self-imposed, rigid schedule of working out. Transitions can still be a little challenging for Marlee.

Although most occurrences go without a hitch, today would pose a problem. After a substantial standoff in the kitchen, both of us decided to drop the provocations and get ready for the appointment.

Upon arrival, we were approached by a man who may, or may not, have been the parking attendant. There were no introductions. He wanted to let me know my park job was subpar and needed adjusting.

“OK, I said, no problem.”

Then he began to guess the name of the MD we were going to visit. I found this a bit peculiar and somewhat unnerving, but after a couple of incorrect guesses, I decided to end the game by giving away the correct answer.

He looked at me with a sheepish grin and said, “You got that wrong lady, that doctor doesn’t work on Tuesdays.” That’s when he finally walked away.

Marlee’s original appointment had been the day before. We had waited over four months to get in with this doctor. We were called three days prior to her original appointment and told the doctor needed to cancel for Monday. I had to beg to get another time, and was told we could come in on Tuesday.

“Thank God,” I thought, Marlee was in desperate need of a new prescription and glasses.

I was sure the parking attendant must have been mistaken. I called and found out he was not. They had cancelled the appointment and failed to reschedule with the original doctor. The receptionist then had to pass along we would not be able to get another appointment with this particular doctor until August.

It was only 9 A.M. and already I had abandoned the Pink Moon’s call to surrender burdens and embrace the stillness. Unfortunately for the receptionist, I was not still or silent. I found myself asking her how this could happen over and over. It wasn’t her fault. It was most unfortunate and frustrating for me, but it wasn’t her fault. Instead of beating a drum, I was beating a dead horse.

It was actually my provoker from this morning's fiasco who looked over and said,

“Mom, it’s OK.”

I took a deep breath and sat quietly for a good five minutes.

As we drove away from the parking lot, Marlee said, “You know mom, I can see.”

“She sure could see, I thought. She could see much clearer than me.”

She could see that becoming upset with the receptionist was not going to solve the problem or alleviate my disappointment. All that would do was exacerbate the situation for both of us.

It was in that moment I thought of the movie, Moonstruck, and the famous line,

“Snap out of it.”

Thankfully, it didn’t take someone like Cher to slap me across the face to come to my senses. All it took was my daughter to remind me to quiet myself and take a few deep breaths.

I was able to locate another office the doctor of choice was affiliated with, and get an appointment for next week. It was an easy fix after all.

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