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Meet Rick 

Rick Olszewski has over 40 years' experience as Trainer, Consultant, Executive Coach, and National  Speaker. As a partner with Sandler Training, his clientele included College Coaching Staffs, Political Dignitaries, CEO's, Presidents and Professional Service Companies.  

Rick is actively involved is several organizations within his community and serves on the board of the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame.

Rick's love for coaching and teaching beyond the classroom is apparent in the 10 years he spent coaching AAU Basketball.  He is still an active mentor for several of his past team members, and through his continued guidance and support has helped them to become leaders and respected members of their communities.

Rick has had a positive impact on many and has made it a core value to help others achieve their goals.  His humor and practical style have made him one of the most sought-after trainers.

Rick resides in Central New York where he enjoys life to the fullest with his wife and children.

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