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Welcome to Coaching Through A Lens Of  Compassion!
Presented by Lisa Matto & Rick Olszewski

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We are so glad you landed here because it means you care as deeply for the future of our youth as we do!  We will do our best during our workshops to maintain a balance of teaching, fun, creative activities, and meaningful dialogue designed to leave you with the tools needed to engage and positively motivate your team, school, or workplace. Our goal is to challenge and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, so you can create a circle of protection around your students, players, and staff.

We Partner with you to customize the perfect plan for your needs.

Workshops - Professional Development - Teachers Inservice


“Teamwork Begins by building trust.

And the only way to do that is to overcome invulnerability.”  Patrick Lencioni

Mission Statement:

To provide the tools needed to commit, communicate, and connect to an environment of acceptance for all students and adults, with the ultimate goal of achieving a healthier, more welcoming, equitable, and safe community. 



  • Why are you here?  

  • What inspires and motivates you?  

  • Is it a Vocation or Job?  



  • How do you communicate?  

  • How do you listen?  

  • What does your body language say?  

  • Do you seek to understand?  

  • Do you express yourself clearly?  

  • Does your communication build community?  



  • How do you connect with students/players/staff?  

  • What support system do you have in place for your community?

  • How do you model empathy, support, honesty, integrity and trust?  

  • Are you having fun?  

The Covid Comeback:  

  • How do we continue to help engage our students/players/staff engage with the community?

  • How do we inspire leadership, accountability, and teamwork?

Full EsTeam Ahead



• Elevate others by developing yourself

• Belief in self and others

• Love yourself

• Creating a safe and positive environment for entire community



• Alleviate Anxiety

• Build Social Skills

• Support Inclusion and Diversity

• Communicate More Effectively

• Empower Peer Leaders

• Support Health - Physically and Mentally

• Inspire Self-Worth and Respect 


Lisa Matto


Rick Olszewski:


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